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    DreamTeam Clan Rules Empty DreamTeam Clan Rules

    Post by Mica on Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:32 pm

    DreamTeam Clan Rules

    1.) You may not use any 3rd party program while playing Lineage 2. No botting, scripting, radar, or any other software that people use to try to gain advantage. You may use keyboard, mouse, or gamepad based macros (Nostromo, Naga, etc) as long as they do not read any game information.

    2.) All clan members are expected to be registered on clan forums and check our private sections regularly to stay engaged with important discussions that take place there. There may be information about clan events, clan wars, or any number of other things that are very important for you to be up to date on.

    3.) While ingame, all clan members should be connected to our TeamSpeak server. During casual solo/party play, a clan member may choose to be in a designated “do not disturb” channel; however, during PvP and all organized clan events, they must be able to both listen and communicate through TeamSpeak as directed by party or clan leaders.

    4.) As it this is necessary for the functioning of a successful clan, it is expected that while engaged in PvP or during organized clan events, all clan members will obey their clan leaders and their party leader immediately without question or complaint, even if they disagree with the wisdom of the directed course of action.

    5.) Outside of the immediacy of PvP and organized clan events, it is expected that all clan members review the strategies, tactics, and results that were employed and offer honest feedback to those who were leading, especially including any constructive suggestions for how things might be improved in the future.

    6.) Clan members are expected to maintain a reasonable amount of activity ingame on a weekly basis. Any clan member that must take an extended leave of absence of more than a couple days must post in our designated forum to inform clan leaders.

    7.) Clan members are expected to attend all pre-announced, organized clan events. If scheduling issues mean that attendance will not be possible, a clan member is responsible to inform clan leaders, either ingame or on our forums, that they will not be able to attend beforehand.

    8.) Under no circumstances should a DreamTeam clan member PK another clan member, nor should they steal the gear of another clan member if it drops as a result of death.

    9.) As Lineage2 is a game that by its nature requires an immense amount of teamwork from very specific combinations of classes, all clan members are expected to form groups and level with each other if at all possible during their time ingame. Choosing to solo or party with others outside the clan while leaving DreamTeam’s own live support without a group is completely unacceptable.

    10.) As clan reputation points are very valuable due to their scarcity in the L2 Classic system, it is expected that all clan members will take steps to ensure that they do not unnecessarily feed points to other clans that DreamTeam may be at war with.

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