[Group Apply] Aminir, Kofuku, Raav


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    [Group Apply]  Aminir,  Kofuku, Raav Empty [Group Apply] Aminir, Kofuku, Raav

    Post by Aminir on Thu May 12, 2016 10:58 am

    1.) What is your ingame character name, level, and class?

    Aminir - 46 BD
    Kofuku - 44 Necro
    Raav - 43 TK

    2.) Where are you from and how old are you?

    Polandia - onionland

    26, 22, 24

    3.) Have you read all clan rules and do you agree to follow them?
    hum hum, lemme see, yep i did - sure we agree, those rules are acutaly how you describe a common sense to be happy Very Happy

    4.) On average, how many hours do you play each day?

    Best anwser? When we dont sleep, got plenty of free time to share.
    Theres no real limit or hour, for example today i started at 6 am and now is 6 pm...

    time zone: CEST, GMT +1

    5.) Do you have TeamSpeak and a working microphone, and are you able to be connected whenever you are online?

    Yes, ofc, sure.

    6.) What previous experience do you have with Lineage 2? If you have previous retail experience, include the server and clan that you played with.

    Oh jeez, thats hard one, experience: way to big, lets just say we all seek oldschoolness...
    About previous exp: L2: god NA / EU - also here was pretty fun month with going 0-45 in 20 days ;p I think i know what i missed in l2. Cant directly say about rest of my friends.

    7.) Why do you want to join DreamTeam?

    WE WANT TO PLAY, no mather witch side, just not alone.
    Also i personaly love to join weaker side (drama trigger), that makes game more exciting Smile

    8.) What are your personal goals in L2 Classic?

    Get rich, get famous, get ridiculus, get old, die with smile on face. And also i need to ask kofuku why she does play here cuz i dont understand women.

    9.) Do you know any member of DreamTeam? Will anyone vouch for your application?

    Idk, Sensei doesnt count? Maybe some people that came here from l2core remember little annoying iss brat that also happen to be othel. Nothing sure tho ;p

    10.) Do you have any other questions or comments for the clan?

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    Whats that? happen to show on my chrome, instead of something Surprised

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    [Group Apply]  Aminir,  Kofuku, Raav Empty Re: [Group Apply] Aminir, Kofuku, Raav

    Post by Qwazin on Thu May 12, 2016 7:15 pm

    +1 for Raav and Kofuku for me atleast.
    Have been doing many 35/40 raids with them now.

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    [Group Apply]  Aminir,  Kofuku, Raav Empty Re: [Group Apply] Aminir, Kofuku, Raav

    Post by Thug on Tue May 17, 2016 1:32 am

    Did you guys play on Czech Gamers like 5 years agon? In LastHeroes, clan of Robber guy. I recall Raav nick from there + u are polish. Smile

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    [Group Apply]  Aminir,  Kofuku, Raav Empty Re: [Group Apply] Aminir, Kofuku, Raav

    Post by Squishy on Tue May 17, 2016 4:00 am

    accepted and invited

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