Nammi DA 47



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    Nammi DA 47

    Post by Nammi on Mon May 02, 2016 4:35 pm

    1.) What is your ingame character name, level, and class?

    My char name is Nammi, i am 47 right now,soon 48 and i am Dark Avenger.

    2.) Where are you from and how old are you?

    I am a french dude! and i am 25 years old

    3.) Have you read all clan rules and do you agree to follow them?

    yes i do, and everythings seems to be good.

    4.) On average, how many hours do you play each day?

    I am playing like 3-4 hours and 8-10 at weekend

    5.) Do you have TeamSpeak and a working microphone, and are you able to be connected whenever you are online?

    yes i do sir!

    6.) What previous experience do you have with Lineage 2? If you have previous retail experience, include the server and clan that you played with.

    I played a lot in 2006-2008 on realy good private server,i have a good pvp experience and i used to be pvp leader.

    7.) Why do you want to join DreamTeam?

    You are a clan with a lot of members and it's very important to play in classic server.
    You are doing a lot of clan event like RB and i like the job you are doing here

    8.) What are your personal goals in L2 Classic?

    i want to play in a good clan,doing many RB control,pvp event and CP for leveling

    9.) Do you know any member of DreamTeam? Will anyone vouch for your application?

    Nop Sad

    10.) Do you have any other questions or comments for the clan?

    Are you only playing with CP organised?Or i have a chance to play with everyone in the clan?

    Sorry for my bad english, i am doing my best to be understand Smile
    French guys are not very skilled in english but in game it's totaly different Razz


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    Re: Nammi DA 47

    Post by OneShadow9Fists on Mon May 02, 2016 5:10 pm

    +1 for me for that reason Smile

    btw Nammi is it from One Piece - Nami?


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    Re: Nammi DA 47

    Post by Squishy on Tue May 03, 2016 1:49 am

    We have multiple french guys around actually.

    Contact Squishy after 17:00 CET ingame for a chat.

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    Re: Nammi DA 47

    Post by Deja on Tue May 03, 2016 11:08 am

    +1 from me cause he has the GUTS to play Tank Smile
    Hopefully he will be Active on Teamspeak with Working Microphone

    Its a Mix of Cps and Casuals.
    So theres ppl to party up with Smile


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    Re: Nammi DA 47

    Post by Squishy on Wed May 04, 2016 3:56 am

    Sorry for my partly absense tonight, due to busy with certain things.

    Please contact me today for just a small talk on teamspeak, so I am able to give you a response regarding to your application.


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    Re: Nammi DA 47

    Post by Squishy on Wed May 04, 2016 2:24 pm

    accepted and invited Smile.

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    Re: Nammi DA 47

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